Safest Place to Work Awards

Business excellence in health and safety

Safe365 is pleased to announce the introduction of the annual Safest Place to Work Awards.


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Safe365’s vision is to provide simple, cost-effective and easy to use software that enables businesses to measure and improve their health and safety capability and culture on an ongoing basis.  With over 500 businesses in New Zealand already using Safe365’s online assessment tools since launching in October 2016, Safe365 is fast becoming New Zealand’s pre-eminent leader in supporting NZ businesses measure and improve their health and safety capability and culture.


What's the rationale behind the Safest Place to Work Awards? 






The Safest Place to Work Awards is a new recognition program aimed at celebrating businesses who have built an outstanding holistic approach to health & safety capability and culture. Safe365 believes that businesses looking to develop their health and safety maturity will benefit from hearing the stories of those businesses who have set the standard for health and safety excellence. Safe365 wants to recognise businesses excelling in all-around health and safety excellence, irrespective of the industry they are in and recognise them as exemplars for others to follow.


 How do the awards work?




  • Entries close at 11:59pm on 31st March each year.
  • Finalists will be announced in early April based on their Safe365’s health and safety index score.
  • All Safe365 clients gain free entry to the Safest Place to Work Awards (i.e. must have an active Safe365 subscription and completed assessment result at the time of entry close).
  • The finalists will be announced across 3 categories - small business (1-99 FTE), medium (100-499 FTE) and large (500+ FTE) and will receive recognition as finalists.
  • Independently verified assessment of each finalist's Safe365 assessment result will be undertaken by accredited Safe365 partners (health & safety professionals) to ensure independent rigor and robustness of the assessment and index score.
  • The independently verified assessment will be free to all finalists and double up as a key benefit to being named as a finalist.
  • The highest verified Safe365 index in each category will be declared the category winner.
  • The three category winners will become finalists in the Safest Place to Work Supreme Award with the highest overall verified score taking out the title of the 'Safest Place to Work'


How do I enter my business into the Safest Place to Work Awards?






Entry is free and automatic to all Safe365 clients - although a client may opt out if they do not wish to be considered for the awards.

To become a Safe365 client and access our market-leading capability & culture assessment & self-improvement tools, simply click on the 'pricing' button in the top, select a plan (monthly or annual) that suits your requirements and get started. You can generate a detailed review of your business's health and safety capability in under 1 hourENTER NOW


What are the benefits of being named a finalist or winner of Safest Place to Work Awards?






Health and safety is a key value driver in modern business. Being seen as a market leader in providing a healthy, safe working environment has a number of benefits including:

  • Reward and recognition with your team - an opportunity to celebrate a job well done! 
  • Enhanced staff retention - more and more workers seriously consider their health, safety, and well-being as a key driver of job satisfaction.
  • Attractive for potential employees - more and more workers seriously consider health, safety, and well-being when they consider their next role / who they want to work for
  • Use Safest Place to Work recognition as part of tenders/contract opportunities with prospective clients to increase the likelihood of winning work!


Safe365 is pleased to be able to bring this initiative to life and looks forward to recognising business health and safety excellence each year.