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Safest Place to Work Awards
01 October 2017
Safe365 launch its new Safest Places to Work Awards initiative. read
Supply chain health & safety solution
25 September 2017
Worried about your 3rd party/contractor supply chain from a health and safety overlapping PCBU responsibility perspective? Read on! read
Safe365 Supports NZ's Best Young Farmers
10 July 2017
The NZ Young Farmers finals were held over the weekend 6-9th July 2017 in the Manawatu and Safe365 was on hand to talk to participants about health and safety. read
Safe365 Releases Workplace Health and Safety Culture Insights
04 July 2017
Safe365 culture and engagement tool - initial market insights (June 2017) read
4 Key Reasons to Use Safe365’s Intelligent Health and Safety System in Your Business
16 June 2017
Safe365 enables health and safety to be easily understood by everyone, at a great price read
NZ Young Farmers Safer with Safe365
02 June 2017
Safe365 gives us the ability to check big groups of work to make sure we’re on track. It also gives direction on how to fix things when required. read
Still a week to go in the Safe365 competition giving away a FREE subscription to Safe365 for 12 months – valued up to $1000
24 May 2017
Safe365 launched a Facebook competition last week which brings their product to prospective customers for FREE. read
Safe365 Launches Integrated Document Management System
16 May 2017
The New Zealand based company has made it easier and simpler for businesses to keep track of health and safety in the workplace, with the introduction of their online document management system. read
Safe365 Delivers Supply Chain Health and Safety Solution
28 April 2017
Safe365 can now provide a solution for organisations to keep track of health and safety capability and compliance throughout their entire supply chain. read
Safe365 Announces Culture Survey to Enhance Workplace Health and Safety
13 April 2017
Safe365 has developed a pioneering tool which allows businesses to measure and validate their health and safety culture and behaviours. read
Safe 365 Customers Get Access to Unique Benchmarking Data
28 March 2017
New Zealand-based health and safety information technology provider, Safe365, has launched an additional feature for their product. read
Safe365 is a groundbreaking solution for supply chain health and safety visibility!
13 March 2017
Safe365 is a groundbreaking solution for supply chain health and safety visibility! read
Culture and Behaviour 360 Audit Tool
10 March 2017
Learn about Safe365's new 360 Culture & Behaviour Audit Tool. read
Safe365 Attends the National Forestry Industry Safety Summit
03 March 2017
Nathan Hight and Mark Kidd, co-founders of pioneering health and safety company Safe365, manned a trade stall at the National Forestry Industry Safety Summit in Rotorua to showcase read
Safe365 makes health and safety easy. Here is a guide to how the software will make your workplace safer and compliant
20 February 2017
Safe365 is an innovative and internationally recognised software product which is rapidly changing the game when it comes to workplace health and safety. read
Is Induction Enough?
27 September 2016
There is a bit more to health and safety that just an induction! read
Context is King
21 September 2016
There is lots of noise out in the marketplace from concerned small to medium businesses regarding health and safety. Many miss the importance of context! read
H&S Governance Requirements for SME’s
16 September 2016
What are directors and trustees of SME's, not for profits and trusts required to do when it comes to health and safety? read
Its about culture!
09 September 2016
We have seen the TV ads and heard the rhetoric about culture and behaviours – but what does that all mean?! read

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